Types of Video Poker Games

Types of Video Poker Games

Poker is a popular card game which allows beginning gamers and veteran care players to compete in a dynamic competition of thrilling excitement. Players in the 21st century continue to regard poker as a highlight of the casino. New video poker games are available at the Download Casino, the Flash Casino and the mobile casino where online gamers are presented with a new video poker slots alternative which they can enjoy at any time and from any location. Online video poker machines display vividly on console and mobile screens as the realistic graphics combine with the sounds of casino excitement to ensure that gamers will enjoy a genuine Las Vegas casino experience right on their online screen.

When you sign into the online casino to play video poker games you have a wide selection of games from which to choose . To play any of the full tilt poker video games, create a free casino account with your username, email account and a unique password. Once you’ve created the account you can play video poker games for free in the casino’s Practice Mode or for real money prizes in the Real Mode.

Three-Card Video Poker Online

Poker can turn into video strip poker online but if you want to enjoy a more conventional version of poker you can select a variation to meets our gaming level and expectations. Some of the video poker options include Pair Plus Poker and Ante and Play Poker.

Playing Pair Plus Three-Card Poker involves placing your opening bet in the Pair Plus circle which is located on the poker table. You’ll receive 3 cards and if you draw a pair you’ve won. Your winnings increase if there is a straight, a flush or three-of-a-kind combination.. The maximum win is a straight flush which pays a 40-1 payout.

Ante-and-Play is another version of three-card poker. You play Ante-and-Play against the dealer. The game starts when you place your bet in the Ante circle on the poker table and receive three face-up cards. At the same time the dealer receives three face-down cards. The goal of Ante-and-Play involves predicting what the dealer’s hand reveals while you compare that hand to your own hand. If you believe that you have the stronger hand you may decide to continue to play, but if you think that the dealer has the better chance to win, it’s a good idea to fold and try another hand. Consider your video poker strategy carefully because if you lose you your initial ante bet, the game is effectively finished.

If you decide to continue the game you can place an additional Play bet within the circle for more winning opportunities. This extra bet must be as much or more than your initial Ante bet. After your second bet you compare your cards with the dealer’s card to determine who won.

The dealer can qualify to win if his hand  has at least one queen or higher. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, you win a one-to-one payout based on your ante bet. You’ll also receive your Play bet back though that bet doesn’t involve any loses or gains. If the dealer qualifies, and if his hand beats your hand, you lose both your Ante bet and your Play bet. However if your hand beats the dealer’s hand after he qualifies, you win payouts on both your Ante bet and your Play bet. Regardless of the dealer’s hand you’ll also receive a special Ante bonus payout  if you achieve a flush, a straight flush, a straight or three-of-a- kind..

Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better is a popular video poker online casino option. To play online Jacks or Better you must first select your coin size along with the number of coins that you want to bet. Then, push the Deal button to indicate that you’re ready to receive your first five cards.

Decide which cards to trade. Your video poker strategy aims to build a poker hand with a strong combination. You can hold or trade as many cards as you want as you create combinations of  pairs, three-of-a-kind, four-of-a-kind, flush, straight, straight-flush or Royal Flush. In this game the pairs must be Jacks or Better. When you’re ready to make your last trade, click the Draw button to exchange any last cards and determine your final hand.

Determining your payout involves comparing your final hand with the payout schedule.

Video Poker Tips

There are a variety of online video poker strategies which can increase your chances of winning. Casino advisors suggest that you learn the pay tables, rules and regulations before you choose your preferred video poker machine.  Some video machines offer high payouts, even for relatively low hands so it’s always a good idea to identify those machines. You should also try to find out if the poker machine plays with one deck or more – players have better chances of winning decrease when more than one deck of cards is used. It’s also advisable to wager at least a couple coins above the minimum bet and review the Basic Poker Strategy regarding when to hold your cards and when to draw new cards.